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Why do I need a buyer's agent? Why wouldn't I just negotiate myself?

These are great questions and many people have been negotiating on their own behalf for decades, with different levels of outcomes.
It is useful to distinguish between Jane and Henry and other Buyer's agents and conducting DIY negotiations.
Staff at Jane and Henry have been formally trained in the conduct of negotiation and have conducted countless successful negotiations around the globe. In addition, they also have advanced degrees in research and analysis which underpin their proprietary techniques and negotiation skills.

Is this just about saving a few dollars?

Unequivocally no. 

There is so much more to the service provided by Jane and Henry. Firstly, you receive industry-leading research and analytics about the properties, area and people you will encounter along your purchase journey. Secondly, there are many factors other than final purchase price which have potential to significantly impact the buyer (e.g settlement terms, future knowledge about the area, history of the property just to name a few).

Price is very important to most buyers but certainly not the only factor to consider

What do your fees include?

You can see how much our fees are here. Included in this are all our meetings, services provided and where we can make it happen, representations at each inspection. We want to be there every step of the way, to give you the peace of mind and make the process as simple as possible.

Why wouldn't I just use the real estate agent who is selling the property?

All Real Estate Agents are required to act ethically and in accordance with the Property Occupations Act and Regulations in QLD. That said, Real Estate Agents are acting on their clients behalf - that is, the seller. Real Estate Agents have a financial incentive (commission) to ensure they gain the highest price for their client. They also have a contractual obligation to the seller.

So why would you want to enter into the fray unarmed, without all the information available or having the best negotiator on your team?