The Jane and Henry Story

Hi and welcome to Jane and Henry. My name is David and I am the owner and Principal of Jane and Henry Buyer’s Agency. We provide advocacy for those who are looking to purchase property and want to have a competitive advantage over the seller and their agent. With a strong background in data analytics and intelligence processes, we pride ourselves on delivering insight that allows you (the buyer) to make informed decisions and be well-armed when it comes to negotiating the best possible deal.

Given the current global economic and pandemic circumstances, it has never been more important to have expert advice when buying a property. Jane and Henry was formed in an attempt to guide buyers through uncertain and turbulent times.

Jane and Henry are unique in the market as we offer a price guarantee - we guarantee to save you money on your purchase or we won’t charge a fee (see Fess page for full details). This ensures our services are provided risk-free for a buyer. Importantly, this links our success with that of the client – if the buyer doesn’t save money, we won’t make money. This ensures Jane and Henry are always motivated to do our very best. Anything less is just not good enough.

We aren’t just Buyer’s Agents either; we have degrees and advanced degrees in Commerce, Analysis, Strategy and Planning. We are also trained and qualified in negotiations and this is what really sets us apart. 

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