We are committed to understanding your exact needs, wants, and requirements before we start searching for your property.

As we conduct research and analysis, you are able to reach us at any time to ensure that we are finding the most suitable options on the market. You can trust us to negotiate for you and obtain the best possible offer - our clients interests come first, second, and third every step of the way!

The following process details the specific steps our clients follow from first point of contact to settlement - these differ slightly for Australian and International buyers so please read carefully.

  1. Ensure finance is approved
    (you may lodge an enquiry while in the process of getting finance approval)
    International Buyers: Please ensure document ID verification can be made in your country to purchase Australian property
  2. Contact Jane and Henry
    Call or submit web enquiry to book no-obligation consultation
  3. PO Form 6
    Instrument of appointment for buyer's agents - providing J&H with authority to conduct property search and negotiations on behalf of client
  4. Market Research
    By Jane and Henry
  5. First Look Report
    Provide to client and seek feedback from buyer
  6. Market Analysis
    This is based on feedback provided from First Look report
  7. Post Analysis
    Provide client with analytics reporting (other sales, appraisal valuation, negotiation strategy)
  8. Onsite inspection
  9. Negotiations
  10. Contract Signing
    Steps 1-10 can happen within a few hours if required, depending on market conditions
  11. Due Diligence
    (conveyancing, pest inspections, building inspections)
  12. Investment Buyers
    If required, Jane and Henry can refer property managers for post-settlement
  13. Property Settlement

Minimum settlement terms are generally 14 days, up to 90 days - this period depends on the negotiation between seller and buyer.

Schedule a no-obligation meeting to find out more.