• David Whiteside

Negotiating isn't low-balling

It is easy to fall into the trap of believing that someone who can just submit a low-ball offer on a property is a good negotiator...not true!

There are several key attributes to look for in a successful negotiator:

- Someone who can establish rapport. This is a genuine relationship building effort, not just asking someone the weather or the latest sports result. It is important to set the foundations for making a business and human connection.

- Someone who looks for the win-win. If your negotiator only focuses on 'winning' for you, then they will probably be far less successful then if they pursued a strategy of understanding what all the parties need. Remember that viewing negotiation in terms of 'win or lose' is binary and limits creativity.

- Two ears and one mouth. It has been said that you have two ears and one mouth for a reason; that is, to do twice as much listening as you do speaking. This is particularly important in a negotiation. A good negotiator will be an effective listener and know when to transmit and when to receive!

- Be the adult. Negotiations can be lengthy and it is easy for parties to become distracted and often breakdown the negotiation through childish injections. It is the negotiator's responsibility to keep people on track and be the mature adult at the table.

- Having a strategy. Like any successful game or project, planning is paramount. A successful negotiator should have a strategy of how they are going to achieve the desired outcome for their client.

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