What we charge

Price matters! That is why Jane and Henry are completely transparent on costs

We are so confident in our ability as buyer’s agents to help every client we guarantee to save you money, including our costs. If we cannot negotiate a price that saves you money, you won't pay our fees!*

By the way, we deeply appreciate the essential work that certain members of our community do (Medical Scientists, Defence Force Personnel, emergency services, teachers, nurses) and we show that appreciation with a 10% discount on all our final charges.

* Our price guarantee applies only to properties listed as a fixed price under $500,000

Country Style Home

Schedule of Fees

as at 15 Nov, 2021

$5900 (including GST)

Residential or Rural Listing with advertised price (<$500000)

Listings with fixed prices (e.g. $429,000), will incur a charge of $5900 (GST Included)...but only if we save you more than that; otherwise no charge.

Example: After extensive research and analysis, our client Wilma feels empowered enough to make an offer on a property which is listed for sale at $429,000. Despite our best efforts, the best contract we can secure is for $426,000. In this instance, Wilma still saves $3000, receives our full support and we don't charge a cent!

1.25% of the purchase price + GST (10%)

Residential or rural listing with no advertised price

Occasionally, properties are marketed without any price guide (Expressions of interest, Price on Application - POA, Price by negotiation, Offers over or above a price). In this instance we charge a flat rate of 1.25% + 10% GST of the purchase price.

$1500  / $500 (GST included)

Representation at Auction

If you have found the dream home that is being auctioned and need support or someone to bid on your behalf, give us a call. In this instance we charge a flat fee of $1500 (GST included) to represent you and bid on your behalf.  If we aren't successful, we only charge $500 (GST included) to cover our expenses and time. It's helpful to mention here that we are qualified Auctioneers as well, so we understand the process and the tactics employed at auctions!

If you are already one of our clients and we are searching on your behalf,  representation at Auction is included in our standard fees, so no need to worry about additional charges.

Price on Application

Commercial, semi-commercial properties and developments

These types of properties require careful and considered analysis and each property can differ significantly. We are experts in our research, analysis and negotiation and we are happy to work with you to develop a package to suit your needs, so let's discuss.